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EventsGemma Sherlock

Thursday night. Me and my plus one (you). 29 Rooms. Bushwick. Bring your A game. No excuses.

The series of texts came through to my phone early last week when I was on set.


download (11).jpeg
download (13).jpeg

“Shhhhhhh.” Coupled with filthies.

(Camera was rolling)

But, I’m going to...


I stare back. More menacingly than a hard stare. Focus on the job. Deep breaths. Deep breaths. I’m trying to contain my excitement but it’s really fecking hard!

Two days to prep. But working flat out. Sweet Baby Jesus. What to wear...what to wear...
What to wear to New York Fashion Week’s most fabulous art-meets-social-awareness creative EXTRAVAGANZA!!!

Only one answer. Sequins. Full on cocktail dress NYFW glamour.

Arrive by car. My driver’s name? UBER.

29 Rooms. 29 adventures. One night.

Past the velvet rope. In we glide. Greeted by gigantor “A GIRL CAN DREAM” installation.

YES and YES.

We stroll through the dreamfields of Piera Luisa’s genius (while I try to keep my jaw from hitting the concrete floor).

I feel like I’m dreaming right now. All the things I never knew I needed to experience in my life are all here. Ready and waiting for me to indulge.

The fanciest salon with ‘do’s to rival my own by RuPaul artists.

A (faux) fur coated room.

Gang of girls walk in:

“Is this your room?”

“Sure is!” I lie (well it could be) and immediately launch into a live demonstration of the room’s many resources assisted by my new friends (yep these guys). Rubbing our backs against the walls. Wrapping the the faux fur stoles around us and MOD. EL. ING. (Strike a pose)

Bubbles bubbles and more bubbles. Apple flavored Perrier. Who’d have thought?

YOU CAN DO IT - Girl Talk. Gold phones. With even more valuable messages. Listening to the lady herself (Piera Luisa) being very open and honest about feeling the fear in developing something for which there was no model and doing it anyway. Simultaneously terrifying and tremendous.

I walk away feeling l need to meet this lady and buy her a cocktail (at the VERY least). 

THANK YOU for gifting me GIRL POWER. 

Nicopanda x Nicola Formichetti - GETTING IN to those black and white balls! Rolling around on my back like a dog that’s just found something gross on the ground! Total Panda-Monium


Walking. Walking. Checking every room out. Munching my recently acquired chocolate.

“Love the shoes.”

“Love your shoes!”


My Topshop Boudoir Mistress fluffy sandals are almost as big a hit as the rooms themselves!

What next?!

Consider licking the walls at Flavor Paper before learning that the name should not be taken literally (potential awkward licking situation averted).

Fancy cocktails?! It just gets better.

Partying on down with PAPYRUS. Glitter confetti in my hair. I want this to be every day.

Skipping down the catwalk on Bleecker. (Thanks Michael)


I’ve hit all 29. I’m on a high. Completely overstimulated in the best possible way.

Time to dance.

Thank you Refinery29 for the most UNBELIEVEABLE evening. For creating the playground I never knew I needed until that very night and having me as your guest.

So many incredible people doing even more incredible things. In the name of creativity. The greater good. And the LOLS.

Hands down the most fun I have had at an event. EVER.

I reluctantly leave the magical warehouse wonderland. Exhausted by inspiration. Feeling every effect of the frenzied 29 Rooms workout I’ve just completed.

If there’s a next one, I’M IN.


Filthies - Irish English for ‘dirty looks’

Hard stare - see previous post ‘Cray on the J'


Pink Sequin Cocktail Dress: Beacon's Closet / Boudoir Mistress Fluffy Lavender Sandals: Topshop / Yellow Backpack: MOSCHINO / iPhone 6s Plus cover: Valfré